Thirteen Points of Rightful Criticism Toward AHA™

Thirteen Points of Rightful Criticism Toward AHA™

The following was posted on the public Facebook page of Jason Wallace, pastor of Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Magna, Utah. I thought it was astute and wanted to share it with you.


AHA Repent

Abolish Human Abortion (AHA™) focuses much of its energy on calling churches to repent of “abortion apathy.” It is supposedly not enough for churches to call abortion murder and work for its total elimination; churches are in sin unless they agree with AHA’s tactics. It is time AHA is called to repent.

1. If your family is not part of a faithful, visible church, your priority should not be abortion, but getting them in a faithful church (1 Timothy 3:15).

2. If you cannot name the elders to whom you submit (Hebrews 13:17), your priority should be to obey God yourself, rather than seeking excuses not to do so (Matthew 7:5).

3. If you are denouncing churches as guilty of sin without being in covenant with a visible church, you are not a reformer, but a schismatic. Christians are called to avoid you (Titus 3:10).

4. Please stop playing word games (Matthew 5:37). When you are holding signs outside a church accusing them of sin, it is as much a protest as holding signs outside abortion clinics with accusations of sin.

5. Please stop using the horror of abortion to confuse the issue. That is an agreed point with the churches you are protesting; it is your tactics that are the issue.

6. Stop assuming that if people just saw how bad abortion was, they would have to agree with your tactics. Paul Hill used this same approach to ignore criticisms of his shooting abortionists. AHA admits he was wrong on the violence, but uses the same logic to ignore its critics.

7. Please stop demonizing and attacking anyone who disagrees with you. (1 Corinthians 13)

8. Your accusations of “abortion apathy” find no direct support anywhere in the Bible. This “sin” is a perfectionistic implication you draw from unrelated texts.

9. Creating sins over which to accuse others, without clear Scriptural warrant, is Phariseeism (Matthew 15:9).

10. Where in the Old or New Testament do you find anyone attacking churches over “abortion apathy”? You confuse the calls for Israel to use the sword to destroy pagan worship with the church’s mandate in the New Testament. You admit that the church’s weapons are spiritual, but then hold it to the same immediatism as if they had the sword.

11. Recognize that many of the people who are leading AHA are in rebellion against being accountable to any real church. Don’t let them play off your legitimate disgust of abortion to feed your frustration with the church. Perfectionistic schismatics have a long history and will lead you to destruction.

12. If you will not hear any visible church, Jesus says no Christian should count you a brother (Matthew 18:17).

13. AHA needs to stop calling on faithful churches to repent of their made-up sin of “abortion apathy” and repent of their own very real sin of schism.


A Hat-Tip to Alan Maricle, who brought this excellent post to my attention by criticizing it on his blog. He called Wallace a “religious service provider” at an “OPC branch” (this is how Sectarian Minimalists speak of pastors and elders) and provided a point-by-point critique of Wallace’s claims, complete with defenses of laughable inaccuracies, including the assertion “Virtually all abolitionists are part of faithful visible churches.”

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