"Christian" Hip-Hop Artist, Bizzle, Denies Trinity is Essential Doctrine

“Christian” Hip-Hop Artist, Bizzle, Denies Trinity is Essential Doctrine

The “Christian” rap artist, Bizzle, who is known for using expletives and racial slurs in his music has come out in defense of false teacher T.D. Jakes’ Modalist views, stating that “he changed on that a long time ago.” On his Facebook page, he posted an article by Jonathan McReynolds entitled From T.D. Jakes to Lecrae–a response to an anti-church article put out by BET. In the dialog beneath the post Bizzle made the following comments:

“Trinity is not a biblical term. So if one believes in the existence of all 3, does he have to believe that they are equal or that they are all God for salvation? The Bible says believe that JESUS is the SON OF GOD and that HE died for our sins. So I cannot tell someone who believes JESUS died for their sins and walks according to scripture, that he is not saved,” he stated.

The argument that the word “Trinity” is not a biblical term has been the go-to sonnet of Trinity-denying heretics for ages. The word may not be in the bible, but the concept is most certainly there, and the nature of God and who He is in all of His persons is essential to knowing Him and having a relationship with Him. Using Bizzle’s logic, nearly any cult member who professes the name Jesus could be saved. Further, to deny that any person of the Godhead is God is to deny the deity of God completely. But what it boils down to is this: do you know the real Jesus, or a false Jesus?

“Unfortunately the same people who made it their job to ‘expose him’ on that did not try as hard to spread the news,” he continues, “also, believing in the Trinity to be saved isn’t biblical either.” Of course, this is opposed to the historical orthodox teachings of the church. To deny the Trinity usually means one of two things: either Jesus is consigned to a subordinate position that denies or devalues His deity, or some form of unorthodox polytheistic view of the Godhead is embraced.

While the Scriptures don’t reveal all that there is to know about the Godhead, there are certain doctrines that the Scriptures do clearly teach and to deny these biblical teachings is to deny the essence of who God is. Essentially, the Scriptures teach that there is only one God and that the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. The Scriptures also clearly teach that the Father is not the Son or the Holy Spirit, the Son is not the Father or the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is not the Father or the Son. (For more on the Doctrine of the Trinity, see here)

See the screenshots below of Bizzle’s comments below.

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