Bellevue Baptist VBS 2016 Resembles Rave Party More Than A Church

Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy. The more joy you have in the Lord the less entertainment you need. – Leonard Ravenhill

There is no denying that our culture is centered around entertainment. But the church is designed not to immerse itself in the culture, but the be set apart from it. Church should be an escape from culture, not an alternative form of it.

The trend now is not only to be entertained, but to bathe yourself in the entertainment itself. The experience that many youth are drawn to in today’s culture is the techno music rave scene. Techno music comes in many forms, from House and Trance, to Jungle to Break-beats. But they all have one design in common–to induce a diabolically transformed state of mind through repetitive, beats and mantras. Much of today’s electronic music styles can trace their origins back to Goa, India, where the psychedelic bass lines and trance-inducing beats found their home in Hindu culture in the early 80’s.

In the video below, we can see Bellevue Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist church pastored by Steve Gaines, transforming what should be a week of intense study of Scriptures at Vacation Bible School, into a worldly concert that mimics that of ancient and modern Hindu culture.

Really, can you see much of a difference between Bellevue’s VBS 2016 performance, and that of the Hindu-inspired rave parties in the other videos? You might say, “well, the object of worship is different.” Is it? Really? While the song’s lyrics are nearly completely void of anything resembling Christianity, one can rest assured that regardless of the lyrics, the music in and of itself is designed to invoke worship, and it isn’t to Jesus Christ. At least one good difference is that most of the people gazing upon this travesty sat quietly and observed, rather than immerse themselves into it. In fact, at one point, in the original video, you can see a young kid get up and start to dance, while a parent quickly stands up and grabs him to sit him back down.

But there is no doubt that Bellevue has long been an icon of Laodicea. While seemingly completely apathetic to the drastic need to take the true Gospel message to the lost, they regularly indulge in pragmatic, number-building, money-raising forms of entertainment that, ultimately, line the pockets of those involved in this religion-industrial complex.

Below is commentary from John MacArthur at the Strange Fire conference, in which he was responding to the invasiveness of this kind of hypnotic music in the Church. He refers to it as “Pagan,” “this is what Hindus do,” and this is “the Kundalini Spirit. He also says that this has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity.

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