Sermon: Justin Pierce – The Dangers of Family Idolatry

There is a great danger that can arise in the hearts of men when we esteem our earthly families over God and our eternal family. If we are not careful we can make an Idol out of our family and refuse to truly love them by showing them their sin and need for Jesus Christ.

Everyone that comes to Jesus Must take Him as He is, and fully commit to Jesus as He has revealed Himself to be. It is not Good enough to accept Jesus as your friend, or a good person, of a good prophet, or just one of the many good teachers.Jesus is Lord and God and must be submitted to in that manner. Notice that the people came to Jesus and introduced the Idol of Family to him and Jesus hearing the people’s words said, “21 But he answered them, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.”

Jesus didn’t rush out and say yes mommy you wanted me. He just answered the people. He didn’t allow his family to interfere in his mission, and He didn’t submit to man’s wants and desires and go to them. He said in effect, tell my Mom and brother if they want to come to me, they must come like everyone else, they will get no special privilege.

God’s Word teaches devotion to family, we are told to be loyal and loving and humble and gracious and grow up strong families. But that family tie always takes a backseat to loyalty to God.
God always says I am 1st, I am the one that matters the most, I am the one that you are to submit to, and obey above all. You are to honor and revere and respect God, above every council and every person God must come first in every situation.

This is a deep and powerful study that reveals who Jesus is cannot be denied.

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