Bunker Intelligence Report for week of November 22-28

Here’s a list that’s just a sample of what you missed if you’re not hanging out with us Facebook’s infamous Pulpit Bunker.

Planned Parenthood and White Christian Terrorists – P&P

Polemic Theology and how to deal with people who differ – Founders

Planned Parenthood shooter is not a republican…or a man – The Gateway Pundit

A Current Affair takes on Brian Houston and Hillsong – A Current Affair

New booklet on Rick Warren and Romanism – Lighthouse Trails Research

Thanksgiving: A Calvinist Tradition – P&P

Catholic priest had average number of sexual partners for Catholic priests – Not-So-Christian Post

Arkansas judge lets gay folks lie on birth certificates – Charisma News

Some guy who works in a mail room interviewed by some guy who drives a truck – BTWN

Pastor studies Heaven Tourism studies, discovers the obvious – The Blaze

Rob Bell’s replacement steps down because he doesn’t like all the “God-Talk” – ChristianNews.Net

Focus on the Family Gives Tips on Getting Safe Abortion – P&P

Two homosexuals adopt boy and then drug him – Untrustworthy Shoebat

List of Heresies (Evangelica Intelligentsia left out) – Discernment Watch

Pretty funny Jim Bakkker video – Facebook

How to Soak in Shinola – Charisma Mag

The Coalition beats dead horse – The “Gospel” Coalition

Guy who got the shemitah prophecy wrong has more prophecies for sale – Charisma Mag

Spurgeon-Twisting: Why the Prince of Preachers Would Not be for Animal Rights Activism – P&P

NT Wright says penal substitution is for children – NoCo

Church defends “nuanced view” of pro-gay pastor – Baptist News Global

Kenneth Copeland binds terrorism – YouTube

ERLC dances on Spurgeon’s grave – ERLC

How to work with angels (and other stuff the Bible doesn’t talk about) – Charisma Mag

What to do when you get a bogus prophetic word – Same Crazy Prophet

Steven Furtick gives TD Jakes 35k – P&P

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