Bunker Intelligence Report for Week of August 16th – 22nd, 2015

The pulpiteers and listeners to the Pulpit & Pen program hang out in Facebook’s infamous Pulpit Bunker. Every Saturday we bring to you the intelligence report, from the info brought to our attention in the bunker. This is it. And if you would like to join the bunker, all you have to do is ask.

Josh Duggar, Scumbaggery and the Gospel – P&P

Randy White resigns FBC Katy to focus on dispensationalism – Randy White

Youth Groups driving teens away from church – Charisma Mag

Pastor says Jesus would apologize for being wrong on gay marriage – Before It’s News

New reality show for preachers, winner gets 250k and opportunity to preach at two mega churches – The pits of hell, probably

Scalpers selling Joel Osteen Night of Hope tickets for $850, 3D glasses to see the smile really jump out at you – Pimp Preacher

SBC State Convention tells apostate church to pick gays or keep stepping – Baptist News Global

Latest crappy film marketed to Christians, full of bad theology and shrill MystiChicks as a cast – War Room, The Movie

Sodomite actor tries to take on Ted Cruz on sodomy, doesn’t fare so well – ABC News

“Trance Evangelism” is coming back in vogue – Jennifer Claire

Three false gospels you may not realize are in your church – P&P

Creflo $$Dollar$$ says people who don’t get why needs a jet need to read the Bible – Raw Story

John Calvin’s 6 Reasons We Should Do Evangelism – Ligioner

Youth evangelist pretty boy with 80% female followers starting to creep us out a big – Facebook

Guy who wrote The Shack writes more junk – End Time Blog

Pope Francis is sure sounds like a Marxist – HuffPo

Children get to visit Heaven all the time – XP Media

Bobby Jindal screening Planned Parenthood films outside Governor’s Mansion – Life Site News

Unwed pregnancy is not a sin (don’t just a blog by its title) – Chad Dashby

How much is too much salary for a pastor? – HuffPo

LDS “Church” starts putting women in charge of stuff – HuffPo

The original “Josh Duggar is an adulterer” post – Daily Mail

Fake Rabbi who wrote The Harbinger has another word from God – Jonathan Cahn

Media pushing transgenderismCaptain Obvious American Family Association

There’s a summer camp for liberal and female preachers – Baptist News Global

Shofar abuse – how much is too much shofar in worship? – Charisma News (obviously)

Woman marries Jesus – USA Today

Seth Dunn’s review of War Room – P&P

Comedian forms a church that’s every bit as real as Creflo Dollar’s – HBO/YouTube

Video demonstrates that Planned Parent’s satanic satanicness is more satanic than ever – YoungCons

Fake Rabbi with fake prophecy having a real movie made about his life – Charisma News

A good timeline of Hillsong lies and the reporting of it – Church Watch Central

Church involvement corresponds to happiness – Gospel Herald

Jim Bakker has prophetic dream of some gobbledegook – Charisma Mag

Church writes epic letter on gay marriage ruling – Aquila Report

Pat Robertson says he’s not psychic. Because that’d be crazy. He’s a prophet – Psalm 112 Outreach

The cult of religious personality – Berean Research

Who are the evangelical intelligentsia? – P&P

9 sins the church is okay with – FaithIt

John Kasich doesn’t read Bible to find out what he believes – ChristianNews.Net

TD Jakes gets his own TV show – GuideLive

FBC Jax Watchdog seems to be growing increasingly…strange – FBC Jax Watchdog

Self-Pronounced prophets gets taken away at Grace Community Church…ha ha hee hee – YouTube

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