Pulpit Bunker Intelligence Report, Week of Aug 2-8, 2015

The listeners to the program and readers of the website hang out in a place called “The Pulpit Bunker” on Facebook. This list is just a selection of the posts in the Bunker last week. We work in the field of intelligence, and desire to bring you the information you need to be discerning. You can join the Pulpit Bunker here.

Homosexual couple contradicts Brian Houston – Pulpit & Pen

Abortion, Morality, Gay Affirming Pastors and Churches – Empowered by Christ

Parody of our modern church service – YouTube

Oh, you didn’t know? Hillsong and the Broadway Boyfriends – Pulpit & Pen

TD Jakes’ daughter addresses her critics – Charisma Mag

Persecution in the Pew – Pulpit & Pen

TD Jakes evolving on gay marriage – HuffPo

Christianity: Religion or Relationship (not endorsement of post) – FBC Jax Watchdog

Anglican presidential candidate attends gay wedding – Fox News

Hillsong and Homosexuality – The Real Story – Pulpit & Pen

NEA’s plan to indoctrinate children – Worldview Times

Kenneth Copeland, Intercession Provides Holy Spirit Opportunity – Charisma Mag

10 Facts About Spirituality of GOP Candidates – RNS

Glorietta Homeowners seek day in Court – Baptist News Global

Former SBC Church gives thumbs up to gays – the rag online outlet known as The Christian Examiner

Rosebrough on Hillsong  and homosexuality – Pulpit & Pen

JD Greear says he’d rather live in a pro-choice America than a Pro-Life Soviet Union – Christian Post

Karen Swallow Prior says more liberal crazy stuff – Sojourner Magazine

Atheist impastor fighting being removed from church – HuffPo

SBC Echoes defends their hypocrisy – SBC Echoes

JD on Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast – BTWN

Does Hillsong have gay worship leaders or not? – Charisma Mag

LDS “Church” releases photos of fake thingy-ma-jigger – HuffPo

Pastor says something gross about semen and starbucks to make an anti-gay point – HuffPo

Two women leave husbands on their rooftops to speak at “Christian” conference – WhyChristian.Net

Reformed Baptist Piety – The Confessing Baptist

Six reasons we shouldn’t use hymnals any more – Aquila Report

Hillsong lies about some stuff – Hillsong

Steve Gaines asks church for vacation money – FBC Jax Watchdog

The church is a leadership factory (not an endorsement) – The Gospel Coalition

Hillsong releases statement 8 months too late – Berean Research

Is attending a gay wedding a matter of conscience? – Pulpit & Pen

Study proves homosexuality is not genetic – Red Flag News

Russell Moore compared to the Pope – RNS

Why your church should act, look, and behave like the world – Russell Moore, via Faith Street

Inside the Frightening World of Christian Reconstruction – Pulpit & Pen

John Piper says Driscoll’s fall was a satanic victory – Christianity Astray


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