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Podcast: Pirate Rosebrough joins the Program – Pulpit & Pen

James White: White Thug Life – YouTube

Former Christianity Today editor praises Campolo for affirming sodomy – ChristianNews.net

Couple banned from church via social media – MyFox8

Rick Warren raising 70 million for expansion – Charisma News

See you at the Southern Baptist Convention – Pulpit & Pen

Perry Noble calls out 7 deadly sins of the church – Charisma News

American ReVision’s pathetic attempt to brand AW Pink a theonomist – American ReVision

Five reasons to flee Calvinism immediately – Patheos

The glory of traditional hymns – Aquila Report

Huckabee is unchristian for mocking ‘transgendered’ person – HuffPo

The church is called to worship, not change culture – Aquila Report

Presuppositional vs Evidentialist Apologetics – shared by the Grace to You Mailroom guy

Downey, Burnett to make more money in Christian-bait TV – Christian News Service

The closing of the liberal mind – The Federalist

Couple will divorce is gay marriage becomes legal – Fox4News

Most corrupt college in Louisiana will remain on probation РBaptist Message

Some girl named “Miley Cyrus” swears at Christians – The Gospel Herald

Sodomy-practicing Willow Creek ‘worship’ leader to speak at Matthew Vine’s conference – Stand Up for the Truth

Franklin Graham “hates for Jesus” – Daily Beast

SBC reports more churches, few members – Baptist “Press”

Mr. T pities the fool who doesn’t believe in God – HuffPo

Jesus didn’t call you to be a hipster – Pulpit & Pen

Five reasons Christians should do comedy – HuffPo

Manly Preachers and Manly Preaching – Pyromaniacs

Ken Ham responds to this “Miley Cyrus” person – Answers in Genesis

The Gospel is not Social – Heidelblog

Kareem-abdul-what’s his name says prosperity ‘gospel’ is war on the poor – Time

AMA says no religious exemptions to vaccines – HuffPo

Five bad reasons to leave your church – Relevant Magazine

Be radically ordinary for Christ – Pulpit & Pen

Steven Anderson says something perfectly reasonable. Just kidding – Raw Story

Dinosaurs and Danny Akin – Pulpit & Pen

Shepherds or Shamers: Church Discipline – Aquila Report

Evangelicals open door to debate gay rights – New York Times

Dr. Brown’s open letter to Tony Compolo – Charisma

Open letter to Christians from parents of a confused ‘transgendered’ child – HuffPo

Driscoll dropped from Hillsong Lineup – Not-so-Christian Post

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