Bunker Junk: This Week's Intel Report

Bunker Junk: This Week’s Intel Report

Every Saturday we want to provide for you a list of the “bunker-junk” – the random news posts and blogs from around the Internet that have been discussed inside the infamous Pulpit Bunker. To join the conversation in the Pulpit Bunker, click here. After all, look at all the Downgrade material (and edifying stuff, too) that you’ve been missing out on.

My Trip to Lifeway as a Member of #the15 by Brandon Hines

Two Common Misunderstandings about Calvinism in Baptist History by David Schrock

I Went to Church With Bruce Jenner and Here’s What Caitlyn Taught Me About Jesus by HuffPo

Are Duggers Talking About Forgiveness Just All About ‘Cheap Grace’? by HuffPo

Randy White on Akin’s Endorsement of Atheist Group by P&P

United Methodists Propose Full Acceptance of Gay Clergy by The Global Dispatch

Videos Now Online from 2015 Pastoral Conference by The Confessing Baptist

Does Justin Bieber have a Godly Fever? by Charisma Mag

Why You’re Completely Unable to Judge Caitlyn Jenner or Anyone Else at Patheos

Mantle Grabbing: The Latest Charismania Trend by Charisma Mag

Is Bruce Jenner a Freak? Only if Definitions Matter by P&P

Call Me Caitlyn: How ‘Bout “No” by P&P

Gandalf and Dumbledore to Marry by Mashable

The Origins of Aggressive Atheism by William Lain Craig

Driscoll to Preach at Assembly of God Mega Church by Springfield News Leader

SBC Seminary Prez Endorses Atheist Group by P&P

Man Sues School for Teaching Daughter Evolution by ChristianNews.Net

Complains that SBC Leadership Not Diverse Enough – SBC Voices, Alan Cross

TweetBot Corrects People on Jenner’s Gender – HuffPo

Marijuana Church Given Tax Exempt Status – Christian Headlines

Mysterious Red Mark on Church Wall Has Catholics All Worked Up – Providence Journal

Akin Boy’s website Provide Some Air-Support for Daddy, Defend His Support Atheist Group – Baptist 21

Post Interview Thoughts of Dr. White on Dr. Drew’s Program by Confessing Baptist

90 Minutes in Heaven becomes Movie – by Charisma Mag

Why Gay Marriage is Good for the Church – Aquilla Report

There Might Be 2 Messiahs – HuffPo

NT Wright and the Rising Tide of Christian Anti-Judaism – Dalton Thomas

ISIS Fighter is Converted After Seeing Vision of Jesus – Inquisitr

Full Discussion, Dr. White on Dr. Drew – Bible Thumping Wingnut

Were Tongues Real Languages? – Cripplegate

Willy Nelson a Channel for the Holy Spirit – Charisma Mag

Three Common Traits of Youth that Don’t Leave the Church – Truth It

Assemblies of God Exposed to New Apostolic Reformation – My Word Like Fire

The Problem with Ecumenism and Interfaith Coalitions  – P&P

God Should be a “She” Say Church of England’s Female Bishops – Express, UK

Referring to God as “He” Makes me Feel Like Less than a Woman – Berean Research


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