BREAKING: The Latest Episode of the Pulpit & Pen Program (early release) Exposes New LC Documents

In Monday’s edition of the Pulpit & Pen Program (released early on Sunday evening) exposes new documents that exonerate Calvinists as the root of controversy at Louisiana College.

In a letter from Tim Johnson to the board of Trustees, the ‘traditionalist’ (non-Calvinist) executive Vice President of Louisiana College rebukes the Board of Trustees for a manufactured “smoke screen” and scape goat of Calvinism. Johnson explains why this has nothing to do with Calvinism and also documents that Joe Aguillard was far more concerned about the influence of Louisiana Baptist executive director David Hankins than the influence of Calvinism. In the document, he explains that David Hankins was attempting to use Eric Hankins’ “Traditional Statement” as a litmus test for employment at LC. Johnson’s letter makes things oh, so clear.

Also spelled out is the unjust firing and persecution of Tim Johnson for filing the now-substantiated whistle-blower complaint.

Also revealed is a lawsuit filed by Searcy, who also investigated the allegations of fraud and forgery in SACS documents by Joe Aguillard. Searcy’s lawsuit (which was not proceeded with for an unknown reason) gives additional information speaking to alleged facts behind the forgery exposed in LC attorney Armour’s document revealed last week.

Also interviewed on the program is Ken Fryer, former Caskey Divinity School Student and Louisiana pastor about the ordeal.

Episode audio is here.

The documents can be found here and here.

As always, the content of this blog and this episode is the opinion of JD Hall, and no claims of fact have been made. View the documents to make up your own mind.

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9 Responses

  1. Admittedly, I haven’t paid close attention to this scandal but I’ve heard someone of what you say and I take your reporting seriously. But I don’t understand what the central issue is. What’s the heart of the scandal? What specific misdeeds are being covered up? Thanks.

  2. Claire says:

    Thank you for this extended report and documents. I only recognize Joe Aguillard and Tommy French in the picture. Who are the other two men?

  3. jug says:

    What may be lost to those trying to evaluate the Louisiana College debacle is that all of the focus tends to be theological. The legacy of this board was to initiate a conservative resurgency with Aguillard and Hankins at the helm. In an effort to maintain theological purity in this resurgency, the board and the president made it clear (over the last 8 years) that the right theology(loyalty in Aguillard’s case) trumped competence every time as a factor in new hirees at the college. However, faculty and staff feel like the board and executive director’s interests do not go beyond the religion department. If their interests are that limited, than they should have the courage to change the mission statement of the college- move from a liberal arts college to a biblical college and cut the rest of the college loose! I think the board would prefer this, but they know such a change would cause the college to drastically lose enrollment. Such a change in mission might even cause an outcry by the Louisiana state convention membership which is currently clueless. This scenario has played out the same way in small religious institutions across the country that have their boards dominated by pastors whose visions of an institution are limited to biblical study.

  4. burrito34 says:

    The second document link (to the Facebook page) came up blank (as of Wednesday, March5, 2014 at 6:26a.m. CST). What happened to it?

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