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Does Christianity Need a Chris Rosebrough? 17

Does Christianity Need a Chris Rosebrough?

No. Christianity does not need Chris Rosebrough. God is self-sufficient, Gospel is complete, and Jesus needs nothing and no one. So, please forgive the question. Perhaps a better question would be, “Is there a...


A Response to Peter Lumpkins

Peter Lumpkins’ blog, SBC Tomorrow, recently posted an excerpt from my message at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference. Entitled “Modern Day Downgrade,” I drew the parallels between the doctrinal ‘downgrade’ in Spurgeon’s day to...

Support A Street Preacher 0

Support A Street Preacher

If you can support recently-arrested street preacher, Aaron Brummit, of Springfiled, MO – please help to donate a new amplifier. Hopefully the city won’t confiscate this one. Here is what he needs [click here]....

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