A Discerning Response To Gabriel Hughes of WWUTT & His Charge of Slander Against Pulpit & Pen


A gentle answer turns away wrath,
But a harsh word stirs up anger. (Proverbs 15:1 NASB)

I have been praying about this issue for a couple of days now. I run a small website and Facebook page that combined on a good week will reach about 10,000 people. I regularly share posts from both Pastor Gabe’s blog and the Pulpit & Pen blog. I find both to be written with a love for the Lord and His bride and both strive to warn, edify and educate.

The podcast concerning Nabeel and Bethel came out the day after Pulpit & Pen posted an article on the SBC introducing NAR teaching. So I was very interested in listening to see if there were any connections or insights into Bethel, IHOP, or the NAR that would reinforce the warnings that were made in the Pulpit and Pen article. I was a bit shocked and taken aback when I heard Pastor Gabe accuse Pulpit and Pen of “slander and untrue statements” about halfway into the podcast. In listening to the podcast it felt out of place and didn’t really add to the focus/topic which was Pastor Gabe’s concerns about Nabeel’s lack of discernment when it came to Bethel.

I emailed Pastor Gabe with my concerns and he was gracious enough to respond with a link to a YouTube video by David Woods. In this video, Mr. Woods defends Nabeel against an article that Pulpit and Pen wrote expressing their concerns with his lack of discernment when it came to associating with false teachers. After viewing the video several times I was unable to pick up where Mr. Woods levels the accusation of slander against Pulpit and Pen. He ridicules the author concerning his grammar and sources, and provides some very insightful knowledge concerning the different sects of Islam and defends his friend Nabeel.

I found it interesting that all of this took place back in July of 2016 and in my reply to Pastor Gabe provided Pulpit and Pen’s rebuttal to Mr. Woods and commented that I found it both interesting and bothersome that Pastor Gabe would choose to take it upon himself to make this inflammatory charge at this late date. Especially since the podcast and the original Pulpit and Pen article both express concerns over Nabeel’s lack of discernment.

The WWUTT podcasts and videos are so professionally done that it is hard for me to think that this was something that was done without having given it much thought. I do understand Pastor Gabe’s desire to draw a distinction between his correction of, and what he perceives as an attack against, Nabeel. However, I do feel that this could have been accomplished without stirring up animosity and making (in my opinion) a baseless and false accusation of slander. Please understand this is no light charge, in impugns the entire ministry in a way as to cast doubt on their service, which even Pastor Gabe has pointed out has helped expose false teachers.

If Pastor Gabe does not agree with, the opinions of Pulpit and Pen he is free to state that. If as stated in Pastor Gabe’s reply, he wanted Nabeel “to know that he had nothing to do with Pulpit & Pen’s brand of brow-beating” he could have done this: a) without naming names and b) without the accusation of slander.

“A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.” (Proverbs 18:19 KJV)
I pray this would not be the case here and that a retraction would be made concerning this charge of slander. My desire is that both ministries would continue to edify the body and the Lord would be glorified.

(The above comment was written by Scott Staffiery and was posted as a response to Pastor Gabriel Hughes’ Facebook entry on January 2.)

A Post-Comment Update From The Author

UPDATE: “After posting the comments above on the WWUTT Facebook page I received an email from Pastor Gabe. In it, he states: “I am a correctable man. I do not exhibit a pattern of hard-headedness and reluctance to admit when I’m wrong. Please be patient as this process follows the proper course of action, and I have received the proper counsel from those to whom I am most accountable”  This morning (January 3) I woke up to find Pastor Gabe had unfriended me.  The post that I commented on, as well as my comments, have been removed from the WWUTT Facebook page.”  (Scott Staffiery)

This article is drawn from a Facebook comment posted by its author Scott Staffiery.  Scott is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband to Mari, father to Alyssa and Phillip.   He is also the publisher of popular Christian site, Apologetics Report.

[Contributed by Scott Staffiery]

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